How can I stop the blister blues?

May 03, 2010 Posted by Dr.Chang
What is a Blister? A blister is a swelling of the skin, from an intradermal body fluid collection and is caused by burning or repetitive friction irritation. It is also caused by excessive moisture or sweat remaining on skin during athletic activity. ┬áBlistering is very common among springtime athletes and hikers as they get back in the “groove” and their skin has not had time to adjust to the demands of the sporting activity. Today, sports have become very demanding. A well designed pair of socks can help with foot injury prevention. No athlete, competitive or recreational, can perform at 100% when they have burning and/or swelling in their feet. Although certain socks may help you limit your blisters, not all of them will.
There are plenty of ways to prevent blister formation. Here are some helpful tips to keep you “in the game” this spring.
1. Wear Properly Fitted Shoes. Replace worn shoes.
2. Keeping feet dry during a race or game is key !
3. Wear polyester or acrylic blended socks. Blended material fabrics are best as opposed to 100% cotton or wool. Special blister-proof running socks are worth experimenting with.
4. Use bandage strips, moleskin, or blister block adhesive tape on prominent and friction prone areas.
5. You may experiment with petroleum jelly or skin lubricants. These often help prevent blistering.
6. Try antiperspirant powders or sprays if you have excessive sweating. Products with Aluminum Chloride are a good choice. We like Breeze Mist (Pedinol) and Bromi-talc and Bromi-lotion (Gordon’s Lab)
7. Try a foot soak after activity to help prevent blisters. Astringent soaks such as Domboro can dry out excessively moist skin.

For socks, we would suggest Thorlo Socks. They are a specialty sock manufacturer for athletic applications. They have quality socks for specific activites and use. Also check out our online store at Blue Ridge Foot and Ankle, we have many solutions for blister care and prevention.

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