Did you know that the wrong boots can lead to foot and ankle injuries?

January 25, 2017 Posted by Dr.Chang

In winter, the most popular women’s boots are tall, have spiked heals, and are narrow with pointed toes. Shoes like this can make you unstable in snow and ice.

If you wear a stylish low-heeled winter boot, you will avoid injury and potential crutches or a cast. It is also a great idea to scuff up the soles of your new boots, or to buy adhesive rubber soles, both of which will provide you with better traction.

If you fall in high-heeled boots you can suffer from a number of injuries. You can break your ankle, stretch or tear ligaments, or break a toe, metatarsal, or heel bone.

If you do fall and injure your foot or ankle, you should call Blue Ridge Foot and Ankle Clinic for evaluation and treatment.

To avoid winter ankle injuries:
• Keep doorways well lit so you are able to see icy patches.
• Make sure you wear shoes that provide traction to prevent slipping.
• Make sure you check for slippery spots before stepping outside for a car or doorway.
• Make sure you avoid wearing high heels outdoors.
• Make sure you warm up and stretch prior to any physical activities.

At Blue Ridge Foot and Ankle Clinic, we pride ourselves in offering advanced treatment options and research-based medical solutions for foot and ankle injuries, as well as,  all foot and ankle conditions. If you would like more information or feel you may benefit from our services, please contact the office to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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