Dr. Stewart Chang Answers Questions About Custom Orthotics.

October 30, 2014 Posted by Dr.Chang
1.       How do you chose the correct orthotic for a particular patient?  
          Dr. Chang:  I look at a number of factors.  These include patient ailment,
          activity, weight, shoes, and any foot deformities present.
2.       Do you recommend more than one pair of orthotics? Why? 
          Dr. Chang:  Yes.  Orthotics are designed for specific use.  While we can
          prescribe a set of very good general use and multipurpose orthotics,
          they will not be so specific as to perform perfectly in every activity.  I
          advise a general use everyday set of orthotics and an exercise or sport
          pair of orthotics as a minimum set-up.
3.      Will my insurance cover orthotics?
          Dr. Chang:  Most insurance companys tend to not cover orthotics as a
          plan benefit.  When orthotics are covered, a prior authorization may be
          required. Please verify with your insurance company that orthotics are 
          a covered benefit and how your coinsurance and deductible apply.
4.      How much do orthotics cost? What are the cost of other treatment
          Dr. Chang:  $395 for the first set and $300 2nd set.  Other treatments
          are often times more expensive when looked at collectively. These
          treatments include:  more office visits, anti-inflammatory medications,
          physical therapy,  taping,  bracing and strapping, and over-the-counter
5.      How long do orthotics last? Will my shoes last longer if I wear custom
          Dr. Chang:  The shell or core of the orthotic will last 5-10 years. Orthotics
          sometimes need to be refurbished (re-covered) during that time period
          depending on activity and amount of use. This cost $75.00. Orthotics do
          not effect shoe durability.
6.       Are different orthotics needed for work vs. sports activities?   
          Dr. Chang:  Yes. Orthotics made for a work environment will differ greatly
          than those made for a sports application.  Orthotics designed for sports are
          generally more flexible.  More rigidity and other modifications are advised  
          for work, particularly for jobs involving hours of standing on hard floors.
7.      What is the difference between your custom made orthotics and an over
          the counter orthotic? 
          Dr. Chang:  A custom orthotic is specific to each individual foot.  It’s an 
          exact 3D match, more durable, and more accommodating.
8.      How do you prescribe orthotics? What methods and considerations are
          Dr. Chang:  I prescribe orthotics based on patients ailment, foot shape,
          deformity, pathology, and physical activity.
9.      Do you make orthotics for a woman’s dress shoe? 
          Dr. Chang:  Yes.  A woman’s shoe is generally smaller and less spacious. 
          That presents a challenge to make an orthotic that can still perform as
          intended.  We like to use the Cobra orthotic device for this purpose.  In
          some cases,  I will not recommend orthotics for dress shoes.
10.    What if the orthotics do not help with the patients problem? 
          Dr. Chang:  The process of prescribing an orthotic can take anywhere
           from 1 visit to multiple adjustments. I do my best to accurately evaluate
          my patients and get the most precise image of the patients feet the first
          visit. However, sometimes adjustments are needed and/or a re-evaluation
          of the patients symptoms.
11.    Why should I get my orthotics from Blue Ridge Foot and Ankle Clinic? 
          We use the most advanced technology and work with a local and highly
          respected lab to produce our orthotics.  We take pride in the services we
          provide and enjoy helping our community stay active.  Conservative
          treatment takes priority over surgery and all employees in our office
          wear our orthotics.
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