Ragged Mountain Running Shop Visit

June 06, 2012 Posted by Dr.Chang

Mark Lorenzoni from Ragged Mountain Running Shop

Last week Mark Lorenzoni from Ragged Mountain Running Shop stopped by our office to give our team a quick refresher course on the services that they offer and some of the latest running shoes.  Ragged Mountain has been on the UVA Corner in Charlottesville for 30 years so they certainly have a lot of experience to back up their recommendations!  While we were learning from Mark, I took a few notes on things that I thought may interest some of our readers as well.  Here are a few ‘shoe facts’ that we found interesting and hope you will too:

  • Ragged Mountain Running Shop is 30 YEARS OLD and they fit about 20,000 customers per year with shoes.
  • Mark bought in a few examples of what running shoes looked like back in the 1970’s.  They had much less padding and stabilization which also meant that the injury rate really started to creep up around that time.  That was when shoes more similar to what we see today started to emerge.  Now, the three main types of shoes offer Cushioning, Stability & Motion Control.
  • The current average price for running shoes is $100-$105.  With these price tags, value has become very important- runners are more concerned with how long shoes will last.
  • The book ‘Born To Run’ recently pushed everyone towards barefoot shoes but people in the shoe business are concerned about long term issues when they are not used for the correct purpose.
  • The ‘right shoe’ for anyone changes over time depending on their physical state, fitness level, etc.  For example, if you are a brand new, overweight runner you will need one shoe but a year or so later after training and running a couple of races, you could very well start to experience injuries and need something else.
  • The internet, bloggers, etc. are causing people to form their own opinions on running shoes so sometimes they are not actually looking for any advice when going into a shoe store.
  • Employees at Ragged Mountain work there for about a year before they are set free to recommend shoes.  The store also has a flexible return policy since their main goal is to get you into the RIGHT running shoe.

Here are a few photos from shoes that Mark brought along on his visit.  For their full selection, be sure to visit them on the UVA Corner in Charlottesville.  Their website is also a great resource for runners and offers a lot of information on upcoming races in the area!

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